Nov,15,2022 - 10:08

Bentsai, Print our future together!

    Print head is the most critical and complex core technology in the field of inkjet printer development and manufacturing.

    Only by mastering the print head design and manufacturing technology can we stand at the front of industry development, compete with the traditional industry players, and take new market opportunities.

    As a rising star in the industry, Bentsai introduced China's first and most advanced inkjet print head production line based on MEMS technology, and successfully mass-produced the thermal inkjet print heads, contributing to the development of the printing industry.

   Thanks to our ten years of printer research experience and the new print head production capacity, Bentsai is devoting us to the field of making industrial inkjet coding and marking printers.

   Bentsai is focus on innovation. We have set up R&D centers in Zhuhai and Taiwan, and established efficient software and hardware R&D teams for inkjet printers. From Linux-based printer operating system to unique hardware design, Bentsai could vertically integrate our hardware, software and encryption technology advantages to make our printers be new and better.

   Bentsai has filed more than 100 patents, software copyrights in domestic and overseas countries via our continuous innovations and breakthroughs on the inkjet printing technology, and strives to stand at the forefront of industry development.

   Bentsai will continue to push the industrial application of our inkjet printing technology, and expand to the new fields including desktop printers, industrial plotters, bank check printers and more.

   Bentsai product line covers two major product arrays, handheld inkjet printers and inline inkjet coding machines. In terms of handheld products, we have the industry's widest handheld printer portfolio with printable character height from 12.7 mm, 25.4 mm to 50 mm and even to the industry's highest 100 mm wide format printers. Bentsai is adding more inline printing products and solutions to meet the needs of massive and streamlined production by providing customers with a full range of marking and coding solutions.

   With our innovation and quality products, Bentsai implements the brand concept of open 

and multi-beneficial, we are willing to grow together with distributors around the world to make Bentsai a leading brand in the global inkjet printing industry.

   With advanced technology and high-quality products, we create value for end users, catch market opportunities with our distributors and win the future together.

   Today Bentsai Join with partners together to bring creative and smart coding equipment to Spain packaging industry, To improve better function for all clients.